M.S. in Child Development

Plan A: Research Track

  • HDFS 810: Theories of Human Development
  • HDFS 811: Child Development from Ecological Perspectives  
  • HDFS 821:  Early Prevention and Intervention Birth to Five  
  • HDFS 892: Seminars in Diversity
    • One course from departmental offerings on diverse families; diversity is defined broadly and could include diversity in race, culture, developmental abilities, SES, family processes.
  • One course (3 credits) in research methodology  
  • One course (3 credits) in quantitative methods
  • HDFS 827 - Language and Literacy Development from Infancy to Formal Schooling OR HDFS 826 Social-Emotional Development Birth to Five: Biology, Relationships, & Culture
  • HDFS 899 - Thesis credits (6 credits)
  • Choose 1 elective course

Total Credits = 30

Plan B: Professional Track

Child Development Content (6 credits)

  • HDFS 811: Child Development from Ecological and Cultural Perspectives
  • HDFS 825: Families and Children with Special Needs OR HDFS 449 Children with Special Needs and Their Families

Family Processes (6 credits)

  • HDFS 414: Parenting OR HDFS 892 Seminar in Diversity
  • HDFS 845 Foundations of Family Study

Advanced Practice (14 credits)

  • HDFS 817: Advanced  Infant and Toddler Program Planning  
  • HDFS 818: Advanced Curricular Adaptations in Diverse Early Childhood Environments
  • HDFS 819: Advanced Practicum in an Early Childhood Setting, offered during a summer semester (4 credits)
  • HDFS 822: Assessment of the Young Child
  • HDFS 894: Laboratory and Field Experience
  • HDFS 894: Laboratory and Field Experience (early childhood setting, summer)

Supervision and Administration (6 credits)

  • HDFS 473: Administration of Early Childhood Programs
  • HDFS 821: Prevention, Curricula, and Intervention Research in Early Childhood Education  

Total Credits = 32, professional students complete an oral defense  

Students in the Plan A or B master’s programs may choose to complete the Interdepartmental Graduate Specialization in Infancy and Early Childhood in conjunction with their HDFS degrees.