Trauma-informed Research, Practice, & Policies

  • School of Social Work Evidence Based Trauma Treatment Certificate –  Cheryl Williams-Hecksel 
  • U.S.- based Narrative Exposure Therapy Dissemination and Training Team - Lekie Dwanyen
  • Dembo, R., Krupa, J. M., Faber, J., Cristiano, J., Wareham, J. Schmeidler, J., & Terminello, A. (2020). An exploratory structural equation model of traumatic experiences among justice-involved youth: A gender comparison. Criminal Justice & Behavior, 47(2), 127-144.
  • Popescu, M., Strand, V., Wey, I., Williams-Hecksel, C. & Abramovitz, R. (2017). Beginnings of a Legacy for Social Work Education: Building Trauma-Informed Workforce Capacity, Journal of Teaching in Social Work.
  • Morgan, E., Wieling, E., Hubbard, J., & Dwanyen, L. (2019). Perceptions of war trauma and healing of marital relations among torture surviving Congolese couples participating in multi- couple therapy. Family Process. doi:10.1111/famp.12487