Brincks, Ahnalee, Ph.D.


Ahnalee Brincks, Ph.D.

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Associate Professor

Ahnalee Brincks trained in a unique interdisciplinary Ph.D. program in Bio-Behavioral Statistics spanning the disciplines of Epidemiology, Psychology and Education at the University of Miami. Her research centers on the use of complex statistical methods to address important scientific questions in the prevention of substance use and mental illness.  Dr. Brincks specializes in latent variable modeling and has expertise in longitudinal data analysis, hierarchical linear models, structural equation modeling, and the analysis of data from randomized clinical trials.

Fascinated by heterogeneity in response to intervention, Dr. Brincks has spent her career trying to better understand how and for whom preventive interventions are effective. Her most recent work is in two areas: (1) causal mediation analysis, and (2) the design and analysis of adaptive interventions and Sequential Multiple Assignment Randomized Trials (SMART). 

Dr. Brincks has served on a number of NIH-funded studies focused on the prevention of adolescent depression, substance abuse, and HIV, including substantial work with the National Institutes of Drug Abuse (NIDA) Clinical Trials Network.  She is currently funded on a NIDA K01 training grant.  She welcomes collaboration with students and faculty interested in intervention research.


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