Nelson, Linda Ph.D.


Nelson, Linda Ph.D.

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Retired Faculty

Linda Nelson retired in 1994 and has been busy traveling and doing water color since then. She does a journal for each international trip with comments, photos, sketches, and watercolors which many people have enjoyed. She has been active in activities of the MSU Art Museum and is looking forward to the completion of the new museum on the site of the Paolucci Building where she began her MSU life as a Home Management House adviser in 1954. She has hostessed two of Elena Avila's four children as they attended East Lansing High School to improve their English during Argentina's summer vacations. She edits for Kappa Omicron Nu (KON) and some graduate students and faculty books just so people will not forget her dislike of etc. in manuscripts! She has recently completed a year as secretary for the Steering Committee of the Faculty Emeriti Association. In 2009 she was a volunteer at Camp Monet in the MSU Children's Garden. This is a 3-day day camp for 20 children from 7-12 years of age. She expects to help this group again in 2010. She recently attended the 60th reunion of her graduation from the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia...lots of fun with good friends one of whom returned a letter Linda had written to her from Cuba in 1949.