Martha W. Bristor, Ph.D.


Martha W. Bristor, Ph.D.

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Retired Faculty

Dr. Bristor was employed with the University from 1983 - Aug. 2003. While at MSU she taught a wide variety of courses including marriage and the family, child development, adolescent development and lifespan human development plus interpersonal relationships in the family, program evaluation, and family ecosystems. Formal teaching included a wide variety of audiences including undergraduate and graduate courses at MSU, graduate students in Masters Program in Port Huron, MI, and on the military base in Okinawa, Japan. Other teaching experiences include health care settings in the hospital to new mothers with home follow-up. She currently teaches healthy lifestyle changes to adults.She has several publications including articles on mother-infant interaction, ecosystemic family dynamics, marriage and family therapy as well as a textbook, Individuals and Family Systems in their Environments. Fourth Edition (2010). Dubuque, IA:  Kendall Hunt. Dr. Bristor has held several service positions including - State of Michigan Board of Marriage and Family Therapy, and President of Michigan Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. She currently enjoys the following retirement activities - enjoying family, friends and some travel; supervision of Marriage and Family Therapy Students in their required Internship; writing (1) a revision of the 4th Edition of the text: Individuals and Family Systems in their Environments and (2) Co authoring a book on fitness, nutrition, and health.