Pamela K. Boyce, M.A.


Pamela K. Boyce, M.A.

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Retired Specialist

Pamela Boyce received her M.A. in Family Economics and Resource Management and a B.S. in Home Economics from Michigan State University. 

Financial literacy and education is needed more than ever by college students or young adults whether they have student loans or are debt free.  Pam has worked in the past with Michigan State University Extension and the Department of Human Development and Family Studies teaching Personal Finance.  She extended her teaching to military families in Okinawa, Japan in the Masters program offered by the Department in 1998 and 2000.  She was a part-time faculty member and in her non-teaching hours she works as a financial advisor so she is able to bring many real-life examples to her teaching.

Her two boys, who graduated from MSU, give her and her husband many happy times with their children.