Lawrence Schiamberg, Ph.D.


Lawrence Schiamberg, Ph.D.

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Lawrence B. Schiamberg was formerly Associate Dean for Research, Outreach and International Programs in the College of Human Ecology (1999-2003) and Director of the Institute for Children, Youth and Families (ICYF) at MSU from 1996-1998 where he was the Senior Editor of the MSU Series on Children, Youth, and Families. He has served as President-Elect of the Society for the Study of Human Development (SSHD) from 2007-2009 and as President of SSHD from 2009-2011. Over his forty years at Michigan State University, his teaching, research, and outreach addressed lifespan human development, with a focus on adolescence/youth and adult development/aging. Most recently his research has focused on adolescent bullying and elder abuse in families and in nursing homes. He is the author of numerous published articles and books, including seminal research and publications on the contextual (family, school and community) bases of adolescent bullying and elder abuse. His early work included the following books: Adolescent Alienation (1973); Teaching About Adolescence (1998); and some of the first human development and child development texts written from a systems/ecological perspective --Human Development (1982 and 1985, Macmillan Publishing Co.) and Child and Adolescent Development (1988, Macmillan). Most recently he was CO-PI on a national/state funded study of elder abuse in Michigan nursing homes, “Vulnerable Medicaid Populations” ($1,200,000—Center for Medicare/Medicaid Services). He has served on federal grant review panels (Administration On Aging). He has served on federal grant review panels (Administration On Aging). Currently he is on the editorial board of Research On Human Development, the flagship journal of the Society for the Study of Human Development. He has previously served, in an advisory capacity, on the EPA Children’s Health Protection Advisory Committee and on the CDC Advisory Committee for Elder Abuse.