Stark, Rachel M.S.


Rachel Stark, M.S.

Position Display

Head Teacher


  • B.S. Family and Community Services, Michigan State University
  • M.S. Child Development, Michigan State University

Areas of Interest

  • Teacher and Child Relationships
  • Teacher and Family Relationships
  • Child Development 
  • Mentoring and Coaching Pre-Service Teachers 
  • Community Development 

Rachel Stark has been the Head Teacher in the 18+ Month classroom at the CDL since 2017. Ms. Stark believes children learn best from hands-on experiences, and through multiple opportunities for observing and interacting with their environment and the people within. Ms. Stark develops purposeful and individualized experiences and routines that are responsive to and reflect the children and families in the classroom as well as stimulate learning in all developmental areas based on children’s individual interests and abilities. Ms. Stark invests in establishing a strong rapport with children, families, coworkers, and teachers in training as a way to enrich the understanding of each child; to share their unique knowledge and experiences; and to help maintain a healthy, comfortable, and welcoming classroom community. She approaches all interactions in a responsive, reflective, and respectful way and is committed to getting to know and representing each member of her classroom community.