Reardon, Abigail


Abigail Reardon


Dr. Holly Brophy-Herb and Dr. Claire Vallotton


Fall 2023


Child Development


My name is Abigail Reardon (she/her/hers), and I am a master's student in Human Development and Family Services in the Child Development program. My faculty advisors are Dr. Holly Brophy-Herb and Dr. Claire Vallotton. 

My research interests include racial socialization in early childhood in multiple contexts. I am deeply involved in politics and social justice, particularly as relevant to early childcare and education. After working in childcare for much of my undergraduate education, and simultaneously being part of recent years’ relevant social movements, I became interested in how race, conversations about race, and early exposure to racial discrimination impact social and emotional development in early childhood. 

Keywords and Phrases

social justice, racial socialization, early childhood