Luberenga, Ibrahim


Ibrahim Luberenga


Dr. Lekie Dwanyen


Fall 2023


Couple and Family Therapy



As a Ugandan, Ibrahim earned both a bachelor's degree in community psychology and a master's degree in clinical psychology from Makerere University's Department of Mental Health and Community Psychology. This is where he began to gain a deeper understanding of human behavior and the diverse socio-cultural dynamics that influence it. Currently, Ibrahim is a Ph.D. student under Dr. Lekie Dwanyen. His research focuses on the cultural adaptations of systemic interventions with a particular interest on trauma and resilience among vulnerable communities. With his unique blend of academic background and commitment to impactful research, Ibrahim aims to contribute valuable insights that acknowledge and respect the cultural nuances of psychological interventions. 

Keywords and Phrases

trauma, resilience, vulnerable communities, cultural adaptation, psychological interventions