Simone Bibbs


Simone Bibbs


Dr. Emilie Smith


Fall 2022


Diversity, Youth, and Family Development


My name is Simone Bibbs (she/her/hers), and I am a doctoral student in Human Development and Family Studies with a concentration in Diversity, Youth and Family Development (DYAD). My faculty advisor is Dr. Emilie Smith.

My research interests broadly consist of understanding the identity development and identity-based experiences of Black youth within socio-cultural, educational, and family contexts. Specifically, I seek to understand how Black children and adolescents make meaning of their identities and experience discrimination at the intersection of race and gender, as well as the ways in which these intersecting identities influence academic and social-emotional outcomes. Additionally, I am also interested in the role of gendered racial socialization in promoting positive identity development and positive adjustment outcomes among Black youth.

Keywords and Phrases

black youth, intersectionality, gendered racial discrimination, gendered racial socialization, positive youth development