Kim, Daeun


Daeun Kim


Dr. Desiree Baolian Qin and Dr. Yijie Wang


Fall 2022


Diversity, Youth, and Family Development



My name is Daeun Kim from South Korea, and I am a doctoral student in Human Development and Family Studies. My advisors are Dr. Desiree Baolian Qin and Dr. Yijie Wang. My research interests are the parent-child relationships and adolescent development within cultural context. Specifically, I am interested in examining in how culture contributes to differences of parent-child relationships from different cultural background. Furthermore, I am interested in how a parent's belief system such as belief in meritocracy is associated with their children in adolescence and how it affects development of adolescent’s value or belief system, with focus on Asian families and Asian American immigrant families.

Keywords and Phrases

Parent-child relationships, Asian American adolescent, adolescent development within cultural context, value transmission in intergenerational relationships.