Bhandari, Chandani


Chandani Bhandari


Dr. Sarah Douglas


Fall 2022


Child Development



My name is Chandani Bhandari (she/her/hers), and I am a doctoral student in Human Development and Family Studies. I am an international student from India. My faculty advisor is Dr. Sarah Douglas, and I am a part of her RADD (Research in Autism & Developmental Disability) Lab. My research work is based on family system theory, ecological theory,  and transactional theory. My research interests are the promotion of wellbeing interventions for children with developmental disabilities, their caregivers and educators. I am specifically interested in mindfulness-based stress and anxiety reduction interventions. I am currently working on a meta-synthesis project focused on stress management strategies for caregivers of individuals with Down syndrome. I am also working on a practitioner paper on embedding mindfulness in classroom activities for early childhood educators and children's Well-being.

Keywords and Phrases

Children with developmental disabilities, caregiver’s wellbeing, stress and anxiety reduction interventions, mindfulness-based interventions