Kayla Stinson


Kayla Stinson


Dr. Holly Brophy-Herb


Fall 2020


Child Development



My name is Kayla Stinson and I am a doctoral student in Human Development and Family Studies with a concentration in Child Development. My advisor is Dr. Holly Brophy-Herb. My research interests are in early socio-emotional development and literacy among infants, toddlers, and preschoolers, and the parent-child relationship and parenting/caregiving practices that influence development. My specific interests are in the development of empathy, emotional knowledge, and self-regulation (and dysregulation, including aggressive behaviors), as well as how socialization practices vary by child gender. I also have interests in how early literacy impacts emotional development. Pursuant to these interests, I am currently involved in research regarding how parental attachment style influences perception of infant emotional expressions and their responses to said expressions. I’m also working with other graduate students and faculty in our lab in coauthoring papers examining early childhood teachers’ (ECE) caregiving practices, including teachers’ adverse childhood experiences (ACES) and their job stress; variations in teachers’ mental state talk across classroom contexts; and teachers’ gender socialization via booksharing experiences. 

Keywords and Phrases

Parenting and caregiving practices; infancy, toddlerhood, preschool children; early literacy; emotional and gender socialization; empathy development