Searle, Ellen


Searle, Ellen


Dr. Ryan Bowles


Started in Fall 2019


Child Development



My name is Ellen Searle (she/her/her) and I am a doctoral student in Human Development and Family Studies with a concentration in Child Development. My advisor is Dr. Ryan Bowles. My research interests are in the areas of assessment of children with speech/language disabilities, and in the home literacy environment of children with and without disabilities. As a member of the ELLI lab, I have had the opportunity to assist with data management and writing codebooks. I am currently exploring the issue of measurement of the home literacy environment and how it differs between children with and without speech/language disabilities. In the future, I would like to examine aspects of the home literacy environment that may be predictive of certain early literacy skills, such as phonological awareness. 

Keywords and Phrases

Measurement, early literacy, speech disabilities, home environment