Perkins, Haiden


Perkins, Haiden


Dr. Holly Brophy-Herb


Started in Fall 2018


Child Development



My name is Haiden Perkins and I am a doctoral student in Human Development and Family Studies with a concentration in Child Development. My advisor in the program is Dr. Holly Brophy-Herb, and our research group is the Building Early Emotion Skills (BEES) lab. My research interests focus on understanding factors that are associated with children’s resilience and developmental outcomes after traumatic experiences. My main research goal is to understand how different microsystems in a child’s life may help or hinder a child’s resilience after a traumatic experience. Pursuant to my interest in resilience, my recent work has included research on toddlers’ persistence and the development of self-evaluative behaviors, as well as the role of high-quality teacher-child relationships in buffering the effects of adverse experiences on children’s academic outcomes. My research pulls strongly from ecological theory and is influenced by attachment theory as well. In the future I hope to explore more about the role parents play in children’s resilience development, as well as the internal processes that may influence their behavior towards their child. 

Keywords and Phrases

Resilience, Trauma, Parenting, Ecological Systems