Park, Hyejin


Park, Hyejin


Dr. Desiree Qin


Fall 2020


Lifespan Human Development and Family Diversity



Hyejin Park is a doctoral student in Human Development and Family Studies with a concentration in Diversity, Youth, and Family Development. Her advisor is Dr. Desiree Qin. Her research interests consist of understanding how different processes contribute to the well-being of Asian immigrant children and families in the United States. Her work experiences with Chinese and Korean immigrant families in a research lab in Maryland has led her to her research interests in the Asian immigrant community. She is interested in family relationships and roles (i.e., siblings, parents) where role reversal parentification has occurred and its subsequent impact on children’s developmental outcomes. She has a broader goal of translating research into effective interventions and bringing findings back to the immigrant communities. She is currently working on two projects related to high-achieving Asian American students’ perception of their grades, parenting and adolescents’ mental health.

Keywords and Phrases

Immigration, parenting, Asian American children, culture, sibling relationship, parentification