Shizhu Liu


Shizhu Liu


Dr. Desiree Qin


Started in Fall 2015


Lifespan Human Development and Family Diversity



My name is Shizhu Liu (she/her/hers) and I am a doctoral student in Human Development and Family Studies with a concentration in Lifespan Human Development and Family Diversity. My faculty advisor is Dr. Desiree Baolian Qin and I also work with Dr. Yijie Wang in her lab. My research focuses on racial/ethnic minority adolescents’ interpersonal relationships, especially with parents and peers, and their psychosocial adjustment. I have developed two lines of research. The first line of my research concerns the role of racial/ethnic factors in peer setting as well as school context in adolescents’ academic and psychosocial adjustment. I have recently published one manuscript regarding the role of school context (numeric marginalization, school prejudice) in conditioning the linkages between cross-race friendships and psychological adjustment (Liu, Wang, & Nuttall, 2020). Another line of my research examines interpersonal relationships of Chinese international students at the U.S. higher educational institutes, in terms of decision-making processes with their parents and social interactions with their Chinese international peers and domestic students. 

Liu, S., Wang, Y., & Nuttall, A. K. (2020). Cross-race and cross-ethnic friendships and psychological well-being trajectories among Asian American Adolescents: Variations by school context. Developmental Psychology, 56, 2121–2136.

Keywords and Phrases

Friendships, racial/ethnic factors, school context, adolescent development