Faeza Jariwala


Faeza Jariwala


Dr. Claire Vallotton


Started in Fall 2020


Child Development



My name is Faeza Jariwala and I am a Masters student in Child Development. My advisor is Dr. Claire Vallotton. I am working as a student-teacher with young toddlers at the Child Development Laboratory School at MSU. My broader interests lie in understanding the socio-emotional development of young children in the context of childcare and family, cross-cultural studies of development, and analysis of aspects of parenting to understand socialization processes in early childhood. My previous research in India was focused on developing a self-compassion educational module as part of a curriculum for young children, particularly in settings where disadvantages affect the mental health of teachers. This module is currently used by three preschools in India. Now I am involved in two research projects by Drs. Vallotton and Brophy-Herb: one study describing the current literature on parents’ and children’s mental state talk in early childhood, and another examining gender socialization by teachers of toddlers during story sharing.