Diop, Yatma


Diop, Yatma


Dr. Lori Skibbe


Started in Fall 2018


Child Development



My name is Yatma Diop and I am a doctoral student in Human Development and Family Studies with a concentration in Child Development. My research examines parent-child interactional patterns in families from rural Senegal. In particular, I observe the nonverbal and verbal behaviors that caregivers provide to support the language development of Wolof-speaking toddlers. I am also interested in how caregivers' culture, values, and beliefs affect their caregiving behaviors. I hold an MA in Linguistics and an MS in Child Development. My work has been published in Child Development and the Journal of Child Language. I am currently a member of the Early Language and Literacy Investigations Lab and have completed the Graduate Program Evaluation Certificate at Michigan State University.  Following graduation, I plan to implement and evaluate early childhood programs in Africa as well as teach in a university setting.

Keywords and Phrases

Language Development; Parenting; Cultural Socialization; Parenting Intervention; Program Evaluation.