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Cook, Jody


Dr. Claire Vallotton


Started in Fall 2016


Child Development



My name is Jody Cook (she/her/hers) and I am a doctoral candidate in Human Development and Family Studies with a concentration in Child Development. My advisor is Dr. Claire Vallotton. My area of research is related to understanding the impact of stress on parents’ and teachers’ reflective functioning (i.e., their ability to consider experiences from a young child’s point of view, while also acknowledging their own point of view) and how this may impact both parent-child and teacher-child relationships. I study these constructs within families who may be exposed to increased levels of stress (e.g., military families, families enrolled in Early Head Start). Additionally, I am interested in supporting the parent-teacher relationship, especially within the context of early childcare and education. I approach all of this work with both a Public Health and Infant Mental Health framework. I am currently working on two research projects, the Hearts and Minds on Babies study and the Teacher Stress study. The Hearts and Minds on Babies study is a five-year implementation and evaluation study of an attachment-based intervention in Early Head Start programs. The Teacher Stress study aims to understand the sources and intensity of stress for Early Head Start teachers, as well as the ways in which teachers cope with their work-related stress.

Keywords and Phrases

public health, infant mental health, stress, reflective functioning, military families, Early Head Start, parent-teacher relationships, teacher workforce wellness