MI Parenting Resource

This free, online program is meant to support caregivers across the state in strengthening their parent-child relationships and gaining new tools for enhancing positive child behaviors.
Michigan State University researchers Kendal Holtrop (PI) and Amol Pavangadkar (Co-I), in collaboration with Michigan Parenting Management Training – Oregon model (PMTOTM), have developed the MI Parenting Resource online parenting program. Through MI Parenting Resource, caregivers can access a collection of parenting videos introducing research-supported strategies for common caregiving concerns, such as how to increase child cooperation, teach children new behaviors, and identify and manage emotions. In the videos, real caregivers who have completed the PMTO intervention explain different parenting skills and demonstrate them in real-life situations with their children. The video-based curriculum includes approximately two hours of content.
The parenting strategies featured in MI Parenting Resource are based on foundational content from GenerationPMTO, an evidence-based parenting intervention supported by more than 50 years of research.
MI Parenting Resource is made possible through the generous support of the Michigan Health Endowment Fund, Michigan State University College of Social Science, Michigan State University College of Communication Arts and Sciences, Michigan PMTO, Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, and GenerationPMTO.
Access the MI Parenting Resource program website at www.miparentingresource.org

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