Military Academic Achievement Program (MAAP)

The Military Academic Achievement Program (MAAP) is a collaboration funded by the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, U.S. Department of Agriculture, and Department of Defense. MAPP is a premier post-secondary distance education collaboration offering inter-institutional degree programs in the Human Sciences. MAAP provides education for careers on and around military bases that fit the professional development of military spouses, dependents, retired military and civilian professionals serving the military.

MAAP will increase the educational opportunities for military personnel and their family members. Students enrolled in a Military Academic Achievement Program through Great Plains IDEA will:

  • Complete a degree in a fully online program – access to collegiate classes is easier than ever before.
  • Earn a degree or certificate from a nationally accredited and respected institution.
  • Acquire the education and skills to better serve military personnel, their family members, and military installations.
  • Prepare for a career serving military families on installations around the world.

Students will benefit from programs tailored to meet their educational needs and fit their life circumstances:

  • Member universities have faculty and administrators experienced in working with military families including on-base teaching and consulting with family service agencies.
  • Degree programs have been chosen by the DOD as highly-mobile and high need.
  • Students seek admission to the institution of their choice.
  • Students pay a negotiated common price/credit hour to the institution at which they matriculate.

Students who are interested in one of the degree programs should identify themselves as military-affiliated, so you can be directed to the proper units on campus. MSU is a military-friendly campus and also a yellow-ribbon campus and will honor your educational assistance package. All military-affiliated persons should apply for the Federal Application for Financial Student Aid as soon as possible and register for classes early to begin the billing and reimbursement process for tuition and fees (if allowed).

For more information on the Military Academic Achievement Program (MAAP), visit for links to MSU resources for admissions, financial aid and resources on campus or contact the MSU Great Plains IDEA Campus Coordinator: Meagan Rau, 552 W. Circle Drive, 14 Human Ecology Building, 517-432-9225 or