Please view our Preparedness and Response Plan and email if you have any questions.

Enrollment Forms

Enrollment packets are mailed upon the signing of your child’s contract each year. Per licensing requirements, the following forms must be updated annually and on file in the CDL Office.

Health Appraisal

Health Appraisals are due by September 15th for Half Day families and by expiration date on file for Full Day families. Families will receive notification prior to expiration date.

The Health Appraisal form holds your child’s vital health information as required by the State of Michigan.  Please have your physician sign, date, and fill out the form completely before returning.

You should be sure to fill out the personal information section and have the physician fill out sections I, II, III (or attach) & IV as well as the required signature section.  

Child Information Record

The emergency card holds your emergency contact information as well as pick up & drop off authorization. Please fill out your card completely. 

You MUST fill out every line of the card as mandated by State licensing requirements.  You may write in the information or the word “unknown”, “none” or “same” in every box.  

Importance of Home

The teachers go over the Importance of Home form with you during the home visit. It is a time to talk with you about your goals for your child, concerns you may have and stories you’d like to share.  It is a time for teachers to learn about your family, talents, hobbies and your goals.