Q&A with Troye Green

In the summer of 2017, HDFS graduate, Troye Green completed her internship (HDFS 493) with the Innovate Gov program through the College of Social Science. From June-July, Troye worked with the Detroit Public School (DPS) district. Following her experience with DPS, she shared her experience.

What does Detroit mean to you?
As a born and raised resident from Detroit, this city has played a huge role shaping the person I am today. Detroit is where my home is, where most of my family and friends reside. Detroit means the world to me. Because of this internship, I have found myself developing a newfound love for Detroit that I have never had before. I have grown to appreciate my city and I am hopeful for its future.
How did you hear about the Innovate Gov Detroit experience?
I heard about the Detroit Innovate Gov program through the MSU Study Away website when I began looking for internships. I found the concept of this program appealing because I thought it would be a good opportunity to give back to my own city. I also spoke with a fellow HDFS student who participated in Innovate Gov and she absolutely enjoyed her experience.
Why were you interested in Detroit Public Schools?
Before the placement process, I had been accepted into my Master’s program for Social Work at MSU. The program coordinator recommended that I choose Detroit Public Schools because the placement had more of a social work aspect. Because of this, the program’s coordinator and I had come to the agreement that Detroit Public Schools would be a great fit for my career goals. I figured that this placement would be good practice for me to interact with individuals, particularly students, to help them reach their goals and potential.
Describe a typical day on the job for DPS.

Interestingly, there is not a typical day on the job. One day my team and I may be visiting schools to talk to students and staff. The next day we may be researching and compiling data to develop interventions for students. We have also taken part in many meetings with stakeholders to discuss issues in the area schools and how to solve these issues. Overall, a typical day involves meeting with the rest of my intern team, and coming up with a plan for the day (usually working in a google doc on presentations, or emailing principals, or researching and looking at data), then working on my own to complete whatever tasks we set out for the day.
How have you noticed the knowledge you’ve gained from the curriculum in HDFS enhance your ability to be an intern?
The curriculum in HDFS has definitely enabled me to effectively work with diverse individuals/populations across the lifecourse, from to students to parents. HDFS also has prepared me to effectively work with a team and be a competent team player in a professional setting.
What are some of your most memorable experiences you had this summer at the internship?
My most memorable experiences were attending DPS events and interacting with the community during the internship. My intern team and I volunteered at a DPS event called the Stem Fest, at one of the schools. We got to work with students to get them excited about science and the various careers that they can go into. It was really fun to work with the students, but it was also one of the first events our intern team had done as a group, so it was a ton of fun to bond with them and become more of a team!
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Troye Green