CFT Clinic Staff and Therapists

Clinic Staff

Marsha Carolan, Ph.D.; CFT Clinic Director
Teresa Barabe, M.S.W.; Clinic Coordinator
Nicole del Pilar Monta, M.S.W.; Clinic Coordinator


Active Therapists

Adam Farero Picture

Farero, Adam

Clinical Approach and Interests: Adam believes in using clients’ personal strengths and beliefs to help them find new solutions to presenting problems. Adam assesses for details from the different relationships and aspects of the client’s life to help the client reach self initiated goals. Adam also uses client’s personal goals in order to customize interventions to help clients find resilience. Adam’s clinical interests include working with families and couples, as well as those working through issues of grief and loss. Adam is also interested in working with families with adolescents struggling with behavior problems.

Travis Johnson Picture

Johnson, Travis

Clinical Approach and Interests: Travis works with both individual and family clients. Influenced by experiences abroad, various research experiences, social justice, and clinical experiences, Travis is dedicated to building expertise in contemporary counseling, research, and family social policy. As an insight-oriented therapist, Travis believes change starts within the individual and he pushes his clients to be inwardly focused. Travis brings a warm, optimistic perspective to the therapeutic encounter. Travis clinical interests include working with individuals, couples, and families from under-served populations, individuals struggling with anxiety, couples and play therapy.

Rebecca Kammes Picture

Kammes, Rebecca

Clinical Approach and Interests: Rebecca’s therapy approach centers around working with families in all of the systems they are a part of throughout their lives. She believes that self-growth and broader understanding is the key to helping any client. Her interests involve working with families with young children. She is especially interested in families who have a member diagnosed with a developmental disability, and helping them throughout all stages of life. Other areas of interest involve parenting issues and altering definitions and patterns within the parenting context.

Heather Lofton Picture

Lofton, Heather

Clinical Approach and Interests: Heather is trained in an integrative methodological approach that is structured to best fit the needs of her clients. When working with couples, individuals, and families she will most often highlight the structure of the client (s) via structural family therapy. By working with the organization of the system along with the boundaries set in place, Heather will encourage collaborating with the client (s) to ultimately restructure the system. Heather is well versed in working with clients coming from diverse backgrounds i.e. race, gender, class. Her clinical interests are working with African American Couples ranging from a low to high SES, and working with minority adult women in various life transitions.

Nicole Monta Picture

Monta, Nicole

Clinical Approach and Interests: Nicole strives to provide a calming, structured and effective experience for each client. Nicole is pleased to work with families, couples, and individuals on a variety of issues and pulls from several treatment models to provide goodness-of-fit for each client. She takes a strengths-based perspective when addressing the problems families face. Cognition, emotions and life contexts all play a role in our struggles and Nicole uses an emotionally focused approach to intervention. Nicole is honored to work with your family to resolve the barriers you face, and move forward to a fuller experience of life.

Emily Nichols Picture

Nichols, Emily

Clinical Approach and Interests:  Emily believes in tailoring her therapeutic approach to fit each client’s needs.  She frequently uses an attachment-based perspective by drawing from the different relationships and connections in the client’s life to help develop a way for the client to heal. Emily also frequently uses a strength-based approach by emphasizing self-determination and encouraging clients to draw from their strengths.  Emily’s clinical interests include working with survivors of sexual assault and intimate partner violence, as well as the partners and families of survivors.  Emily is also interested in working with families with adolescents that are struggling with forming their identities.

Erica Rouleau Picture

Rouleau, Erica

Clinical Approach and Interests: Erica believes in an integrated approach for therapy that is tailored to each client’s individual needs. Erica highly values the therapeutic relationship as an important mechanism for change and uses a strengths-based approach for all clients. She practices from an attachment theory perspective with a focus on identifying important relationships that client’s can draw from throughout the course of therapy. She also uses interpersonal and cognitive-behavioral perspectives when working with individual clients. Erica’s clinical interests include individuals with symptoms of depression, anxiety and low self-esteem. She is also interested in co-parenting and parent-child relationships, specifically within blended families.