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Marjorie Kostelnik Endowment: The fund benefits undergraduate students enrolled in HDFS who have applied to attend a professional meeting or conference related to the department’s professional fields.
Jean Robinson Page Memorial Fund: The fund benefits undergraduate research and assists students in completing research projects (materials, participant costs, travel).
In addition to the completed application above, please provide the following materials (incomplete applications will not be reviewed):

1. Provide a brief summary of your research goals and rationale for your choice of scholarship (two pages or less, typed). If you plan involvement in a research project, please indicate the faculty person(s) with whom you plan to work, the objective of the research, and your role in the project. If planning to attend or present at a conference, provide the name of the professional group, place and dates of the conference, and your goals for attending or an abstract of your presentation.

2. Provide a one-page budget for your project. Requests for research may include (but are not limited to) materials, surveys, coding costs, labor or similar expenses. Requests for presenting or attending a conference may include (but are not limited to) airfare, transportation, hotel and registration fees. The budget must provide justification for the costs.

3. Provide a statement of support from an HDFS faculty member (3 sentences minimum) and the faculty person’s contact information as a reference. Have your references sent to Dr. Guinot Talbot ( or Amy King (

4. Provide your current resume/vitae.

Important (Please Read):

• Only students with primary majors in the Department of Human Development and Family Studies are eligible to apply (incoming freshman with declared HDFS majors are also eligible). Secondary majors in HDFS may be considered depending on the applicant pool.

• Students are only eligible for awards during semesters that they will be attending Michigan State University.

• Award recipients will be required to submit a letter of acceptance of the award and a thank you letter within two weeks of notification in order to receive the award. Letters can be submitted via email to Amanda Guinot Talbot (

• Depending on the amount and type of your financial aid package, this scholarship may change your aid package. If selected as a scholarship recipient, it is your responsibility to investigate whether the award will adversely affect your financial aid.

• Have your references sent to Dr. Guinot Talbot ( or Amy King (

• Award amounts are dependent on funds available and the number of applications accepted.

• Incomplete or inaccurate applications will not be considered.

See HDFS Award Recipient Best Practices document for further information on the procedures following award notification and distribution.

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Maximum 4 files.
10 MB limit.
Allowed types: pdf.